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The Giacometti Boys Bring Out The White Gloves

November 12, 2018

Diego Giacometti

Today we had Christie’s Day Sale, which they broke into three sales.  The first was a group of Diego and Alberto Giacometti bronzes.  I bet they wish last night’s sale went as well as this one.

Diego had the pleasure of taking the top three spots.  His Berceau Low Table carried a $300-500K estimate and hammered at $1.85M ($2.32M with commission – w/c).  In second was an Arbre au Hibou Table that they expected to bring between $200-300K and it ended up selling for $850K ($1.03M w/c).  In third was a Berceau Table, Modele Au Chats that made $590K ($721K w/c) on a $120-180K estimate.

This sale saw spirited bidding, and in the end, all 27 works found buyers (a white glove sale, 100% sold).  The total take was an impressive $8.65M ($11.5M w/c), and the low end of their presale range was just $3.15M — so they crushed it!  Of the 27 lots offered, one sold below (it was actually cataloged as ‘after Giacometti’), one within, and the other twenty-five beat their estimate range; leaving them with an accuracy rate of only 9.6%.  On the surface, that is not a very impressive number; however, if you are going to get it wrong, having the works sell for far more is the way to go!