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William W. Gosling

(1824 - 1883)

A Hot Day in the Harvest Field

Oil on canvas

33 x 63 inches


BIOGRAPHY - William W. Gosling (1824 - 1883)

By William Gosling is a landscape of remarkable power, when we look back and consider his earlier performance.  It is titled “Harvest Time at Hennerton” (Suffolk Street 1873) and shows a field of corn already yielding sickle.  The expanse of the golden grain is bounded by a dense wood and all together the work is so much superior to others that have preceded it, that this artist must be estimated among those who have greatly advanced. 

Art Journal, May 1873

William Gosling was born in 1824 and specialized in Victorian landscapes, preferring the open views of the Middle Thames area.  His canvases were usually large and by the mid 1870’s he was considered one of the more important landscape artists of his day.

During his career he exhibited 13 works at the Royal Academy (1849 – 1883), as well as 23 at the British Institute (1851 – 1883), and the incredible sum of 176 paintings at Suffolk Street.  Gosling was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists in 1854.

Selected Museums

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Reading Museum, Reading, UK