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Vincent Clare

(1855 - 1930)

Still Life with Bird's Nest

Oil on canvas

8 x 10 inches


BIOGRAPHY - Vincent Clare (1855 - 1930)

Vincent Clare

Vincent Clare was born in1855 and spent most of his life in London at Fern Cottage, Nursery Road, Southgate. One will often find that Vincent's paintings are signed and inscribed, with his address, on the reverse.

Like his father (George) and brother (Oliver), Vincent became quite well known for his still life and flower paintings. His technique was similar to his father's, however, his brushstrokes were slightly freer and at times he would work with a more pastel palette.

Though Clare lived in London, he never exhibited there. His only recorded exhibitions were in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, where he showed three works.  It is also believed that he did exhibit with his brother, Oliver, in the Midlands, but there are no records to substantiate this.