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George Clare

(1830 - 1900)

Still Life of Fruit and a Basket

Oil on canvas

14 x 20 inches


BIOGRAPHY - George Clare (1830 - 1900)

George Clare lived and died in Barnet, Hertfordshire; although it is known that he spent some time (during the 1860's) in Birmingham evidenced by the fact that his address is given as 173, Bristol Street, Birmingham for the paintings he exhibited during the 1860's.  As to George's artistic training, one is not sure; however, his technique is a delicate stippling as he was greatly influenced by William Hunt.

Through his stippling technique, Clare was able to capture the beauty of nature, giving life and individualized each aspect of the painting.

George exhibited his first works in 1864  exhibiting at the Royal Academy - #356 "Plums, etc."; the British Institution  #395 "Came­llia, etc.", at the Royal Society of British Artists -  #410 "Grapes, plums, etc." and #741 "Camellias &c.". He would continue to exhibit his works till 1874.

Two of George's sons,  Oliver and Vincent, were also artists and became quite famous for their still life and flower paintings.


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