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The Berkshire Decimation Continues

June 26, 2018

Thomas Moran – The Last Arrow

The Berkshire Museum just announced that it will be selling 9 more works (seven paintings, one sculpture, one Chinese vase, and one Chinese screen)  … hoping that it will reach its goal of $55M.  That will bring their total to 22 of the 40 works they are allowed to sell. To date, they have raised about $47M.  Here is my question, isn’t that enough?



Among the works of art that will be offered privately are Thomas Moran’s The Last Arrow (that is one impressive looking painting), Albert Bierstadt’s Giant Redwood Trees of California (another amazing work), George Henry Durrie’s Hunter in the Winter Wood, and Thomas W. Dewing’s Two Ladies in a Drawing Room.



Sotheby’s had originally estimated that 8 of the 9 works would sell in the $5-$7.5M range (but we all have seen how accurate those estimates have been).  With the addition of one more work, they now hope to reach their goal if $55M.  If they do not net another $8M, then more works will be sold.


Source: Berkshire Museum plans to sell 9 more works, bringing total to 22 | The Berkshire Eagle | Pittsfield Breaking News, Sports, Weather, Traffic