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Something Happened On The Way Back to Church … A Finger Went Missing!

May 6, 2018

Bernini — Missing Finger

Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s marble statue depicting Saint Bibiana (1626) was recently restored and then loaned to the Borghese Gallery for an exhibition of the artist’s masterpieces.  Upon its return to Santa Bibianaand while being placed back above the altar, the hand came in contact with the wall and one of the fingers broke off. There is no word as to where the finger is, or when and how it will be repaired.

On the bright side, the work is almost 400 years old, looks as good as the day it was created, and the only issue is a broken finger (which I am sure can be repaired). We should all be as lucky after 400 years!

Source: Bernini masterpiece loses a finger on its way back to Rome church – The Local