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Cracking Down On Stolen Antiquities

January 21, 2018

Confiscated from Phoenix Ancient Art

The Antiquities Trafficking Unit, recently formed by the New York District Attorney, is moving along at a brisk pace.  Earlier this month, the team seized 6 artifacts from Phoenix Ancient Art (valued at $450K) and another 10 objects from collector Michael Steinhardt (the retired billionaire hedge fund manager).  A number of these items have now been matched to the confiscated archives of Medici, Becchina and Symes-Michaelides.

It appears that the buying and selling of looted artifacts has been going on for years (decades/centuries) and I am sure that these recent seizures are just the tip of the iceberg.  Going forward, there will be many more unhappy collectors who bought their items in good faith.

Source: New York DA’s Antiquities Trafficking Unit starts the new year with double seizures | The Art Newspaper