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One Out Of Twenty One Ain’t Bad … Right?

Last year it was reported that an exhibition of paintings by Modigliani at Genoa’s Palazzo Ducale included a number of dubious works.  Now, the experts have provided proof that all but one of the paintings are forgeries. According to an article … More…

A Miracle of Saint Donatus of Arezzo (around 1479-85). Image: © and courtesy of the Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts
Attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and Lorenzo di Credi, 
A Miracle of Saint Donatus of Arezzo, 
about 1479-85, 
Painting on panel, Theodore T. and Mary G. Ellis Collection, 1940.29, copyright Worcester Art Museum
courtesy Worcester Art Museum

You’ve Got A Leonardo, And You’ve Got A Leonardo, We All Have A Leonardo!

Really? This is a Leonardo?  I need to go back for some more art history lessons.  I cannot wait to see how many more people claim to have a Leonardo!  I am digging through our inventory bins right now!! Source: A … More…


Some People Will Need To Pay Up

After 50 years, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be changing its admission policy.  Their current pay what you like policy does not seem to be working out, so now they will charge $25 for visitors who do not live … More…


Gutting A Collection To Pay The Bills

It was just announced that the trustees of La Salle University have decided to sell off 46 works of art from their collection to help fund “teaching and learning initiatives”.  As you can guess, this has set off a firestorm … More…


We Are Getting Out Of Control

I really do not know what to say about this.  It was recently reported that a teacher in Utah took a set of postcards, featuring works of art, from the school library and passed them around their elementary school classroom.  … More…


The Chinese Have a Voracious Appetite … and Not For Food! 

It appears that the Chinese are now becoming one of the largest acquirers of art and certain antiques (Chinese antiques that is).  There are paying record prices and spending billions upon billions.  If they keep up the current pace, 2018 … More…


The Dark Side: Ezra Chowaiki continued…

In Volume 204 of our Comments on the Art Market, we briefly covered the charges brought against art dealer, Ezra Chowaiki.  Since then, more information has come to light regarding the now bankrupt art gallery and its crooked dealer.   … More…


A Tangled Web – Rybolovlev, Bouvier & Sotheby’s 

Stephanie Baker and Hugo Miller give us more insight into the ongoing legal battle between Rybolovlev & Bouvier.  Now, according to Rybolovlev’s lawyers, there was another big player involved — Sotheby’s vice chairman of private sales — Samuel Valette.  It … More…


Will They Cash In?

Even though Christie’s claimed that Salvator Mundi was the last da Vinci in private hands, it appears that there are at least two, and maybe three, more: The Madonna of the Yarnwinder, which is on view at the National Galleries of Scotland; The … More…


Art Market Opacity – Guarantees

Since the da Vinci sale, more information about the backroom deals auction houses make have been coming to light.  Katya Kazakina gives us an overview of the benefits and risks of auction guarantees.  As Ed Dolman (Phillips Auctioneers) points out, … More…