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ARC Select 2024: Opening Night Success

April 8, 2024
ARC Select 2024 opening night at Rehs Contemporary Galleries

ARC Select 2024 opening night

Last Thursday, April 4th, Rehs Contemporary Galleries opened the fifth edition of its ARC Select exhibition. Since first hosting these shows in 2016, Rehs Contemporary Galleries has worked with organizations like the Art Renewal Center to help promote some of the best realist artists working today. On Thursday evening, guests packed our new gallery space to marvel at the work of seven painters and one sculptor. These artists are some of the best in their genres and have previously had work selected for exhibition at the ARC’s International Salon.

Atomic Disintegrator by Greg Hildebrandt (ARC Select 2024)

Atomic Disintegrator by Greg Hildebrandt

Throughout the evening, attendees seemed drawn to Dan Chudzinski’s sculptures placed throughout the gallery. Many seemed deeply interested in the composition, the materials, and the central ideas behind works like Unicorn ReliquaryReliquary of St. George, and The Great Owl. Furthermore, Shana Levenson’s paintings also served as one of the main attractions, with bright, hyperrealist mylar balloons over lush floral backgrounds. Greg Hildebrandt’s dark, macabre paintings also drew some attention, with some visitors having their pictures taken in front of 21st Century. But the works of all the exhibited artists were incredibly well-received. During the opening, we had to affix red stickers to two paintings: Greg Hildebrandt’s Atomic Disintegrator and Mike Wimmer’s Gnome Sweet Gnome.

painting by Shana Levenson with YSL balloons and flowers

Shana Levenson – Saint Laurent

On top of the featured artists, also on the walls were artists we regularly represent, some of whom have previously won awards through the ARC Salons. These include Hiroshi Furiyoshi (Best in Show, 5th Salon), Julie Bell (First Place for Animal Artwork, 13th Salon), Alexandra Klimas (Third Place for Best Landscape, 16th Salon), Vanessa Lemen (ARC Staff Award, 15th Salon), and David Palumbo (Chairman’s Choice Award, 11th Salon).

Many of the artists who exhibit at the ARC Salons show that realist, representational art does not inherently have to be traditional or plain. The artists chosen for Rehs Contemporary’s ARC Select 2024 bring the surreal, the dark, the delightful, and the fantastical all together in a single gallery space that will be wowing visitors until May 3rd.