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Painting of the Day (AVAILABLE) Ben Bauer’s “Carlson Meadow”

A stunning Ben Bauer just in time for spring, “Carlson Meadow.”  

Ai Weiwei Is Making a What?

Artist, Ai Weiwei is known for his pretty outrageous art works like his 2011 installation at the Tate Museums Turbine Hall where he covered the entire floor with 100 million handmade porcelain sunflower seeds.  And now his involvement in the … More…

Painting of the Day (SOLD archives) – Arthur Wardle’s “The Deer-Stealer” (1915)

The Deer-Stealer.  A fabulous painting by Arthur Wardle that we sold many years ago.  This large painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1915.  

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot: The Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree Collection in Context

Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art. This gem of a show will close on March 23.  Six paintings that passed through our hands are on view.  

Photorealism Revisited :: Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Photorealism Revisited :: Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Featuring about 60 works by many of the icons of Photorealism: Bechtel, Bell, Close, Flack, Estes and Goings.  The exhibition closes on April 21.  

The Big Gamble Review in American Art Collector

We are pleased to announce that American Art Collector released a preview of our upcoming show: The Big Gamble.  As you know, we have been keeping images of the works a secret (only showing details); but a few of the full … More…

Trivia Tuesdays

Pop artist Andy Warhol painted one famous film star more than any other in his career.  Who was it? Answer will be posted tomorrow.   Answer: Norma Jeane Mortenson – aka: Marilyn Monroe!

Legendary painter Ganesh Pyne passes away

One of India’s most famous and celebrated artists, Ganesh Pyne, has died from a fatal heart attack. Legendary painter Ganesh Pyne passes away – Indian Express.

Painting of the Day (SOLD archives) Gregory Frank Harris’s “A Bountiful Harvest”

A beautiful Dupre and Lhermitte inspired piece by Gregory Frank Harris, entitled “A Bountiful Harvest” that passed through the gallery many years ago.

Original Van Dyck unearthed at Bowes Museum in Durham

The Bowes Museum in Durham had luck on their side with this rare find.  An original Van Dyck, believed to be a copy for many years has finally gained its glory.  Not only is it rare to authenticate a Van Dyck,  this … More…