The Costume Ball (Pavane) by Edouard Toudouze - 69 x 84 inches Signed french salon academic costume genre children figures
Edouard Toudouze
(1848 - 1907)

The Costume Ball (Pavane)

Oil on canvas
69 x 84 inches

The Portfolio: This graceful composition represents two children of the time of Louis XIII, who, to the music of a spinet and guitar, go through the steps of the stately old dance which has its name from the peacock. The picture was exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1885. M. Toudouze was born in Paris in 1848, and belongs to a family of artists. The water-colour drawings of his aunt, Madame Anais Toudouze, the important religious pictures of his uncle, M. Auguste Leloir, and the clever works of his cousins, MM. Louis and Maurice Leloir, are well known. M. Toudouze has been a constant contributor to the Salon since 1867. His earlier works were A Gaul launching a Boat into the Sea, Jezebel thrown to the Dogs, and The Death of Brunehaut. After having served courageously in the army during the siege of Paris, he carried off, in 1871, the Prix de Rome, with a picture of Blind Oedipus. Among his later exhibited works, which have been always much appreciated, are Eros and Aphrodite, 1872; Lot's Wife turned to a Pillar of Salt, 1877; Guardian Angels, 1879; Coquetry, 1881; and The Triumph of Diana for a ceiling, in 1882.

Paris Salon, 1885, No. 2337

Hamerton, Philip Gilbert, The Portfolio: An Artistic Periodical, Volume 17, Seeley & Co., London, 1886, pgs. 132-133, illustrated.