Queen of Wands by Sharon Hourigan - 17 x 14 inches Signed ani art academy sexes oil panel queen wands fantasy figure portrait exhibition academic contemporary
Sharon Hourigan
B. 1957

Queen of Wands

Oil on panel
17 x 14 inches

The Queen of Wands is one of 78 cards of the Tarot deck, which is a divination tool used as early as the 1500’s. Each card is believed to be revelatory and is representative of specific individual characteristics, events or influences surrounding our daily lives.
The following is the narrative for my painting “Queen of Wands”.
A crowned queen sits on her throne. She holds a walking stick, or wand, in her left hand and a large bouquet of lush greenery in her right hand. A beaded tapestry adorns her.
The Queen of Wands looks directly at her viewer indicating self-assurance and undistracted calm. The wand she holds represents creativity, strength and ambition. Her bouquet reinforces the feminine power of fertility and reproduction, as does the newly emerging plant from the rocky edifice. This tiny plant also embodies success in the face of hardship.
Her crown is brilliantly illuminated in the sun and serves as the masculine element of fire indicating her strong creative potential as well as a willingness to be challenged. The throne on which she sits is one of solid rock proclaiming her strength of will as well as her stubbornness, offering the potential for both a profound support as well as a barrier to life’s joy and pleasures.
I chose the Queen of Wands as my subject for this exhibition because there is no rigid gender specific definition for her. While her physical attributes are female, the Queen of Wands is defined by male dominant traits and characteristics as well as those traits specific to the female gender. My “Queen of Wands” embodies both “Sexes”.

Sharon Hourigan

Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City

12th International ARC Salon - Finalist, Imaginative Realism Category