Stringed Affection  by Brandon D. Drake - 11.125 x 14.125 Signed ani art academy sexes oil female pearls side table still life exhibition academic contemporary
Brandon D. Drake
B. 1989

Stringed Affection

Oil on panel
11.125 x 14.125

"Stringed Affection" As we take an intimate look into the room of a lover, the dried rose comes to our attention. Laying delicately across the string of pearls, we begin to wonder; were they worn earlier that evening by a young lady? Meaning the flower was placed gently back into place as a reminder of the feelings and affections this lady has for the man who holds her heart. Could it be that the two are now distanced by miles and these tokens remind her that she is still in his heart as well? Although separated now, they are still truly close no matter what. The bond of love and affection can never be separated by distance or time.

Brandon D. Drake
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City