Peacocking  by Emma  Hirst - 10 x 8 inches Signed ani art academy sexes drawing charcoal pastel paper figure portrait exhibition academic contemporary still life
Emma Hirst
B. 1988


Graphite on paper
10 x 8 inches

“Peacocking” is a the male piece of this set and is meant to examine the role of sexual selection in nature, and how that has changed in the wake of modern society. The term “peacocking” refers to when a male shows off in order to attract a mate, the way a peacock will display his feathers to attract a peahen. When choosing a mate, what is important now is not necessarily the same as what once was in a time where survival of the species was the main goal. In modern society we are not confined to the roles that nature have assigned us. Males no longer have to be the providers, and the protectors. This change not only brings on freedom from those responsibilities, but also a void in the male gender identity. When the peacock feathers are stripped of their color, as they are in this piece, they represent that void. If the color is no longer relevant for the sexual selection, the peacock must rely on other indicators to showcase their worth.

Emma Hirst
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City