Self by Timothy W. Jahn - 30 x 30 inches Signed ani art academy sexes self portrait exhibition academic contemporary
Timothy W. Jahn
B. 1977


Oil on panel
30 x 30 inches

“Self” - I wanted to paint a visceral interpretation of man. What is it that makes men so aggressive? So often as kids you hear moms saying, “Oh they're just rough housing.” There is something deep within men that wants to get out, a desire to fight and hold your ground. As a child I loved contact sports like wrestling, football and boxing. The activity in the sports, the contact and aggression, were almost a form of discourse. It was like I was saying to the world, “This is how I feel inside and let me show you through the contact on someone else's body.” As I have matured, my ability to communicate is now through paint but some of that feeling I had as a child has not gone away.

Timothy W. Jahn
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
Private collection, Florida