Selfie by Timothy W. Jahn - 30 x 30 inches Signed ani art academy sexes oil self portrait exhibition academic contemporary
Timothy W. Jahn
B. 1977


Oil on panel
30 x 30 inches

“Selfie” - "Selfie" was a response to the way contemporary women present themselves in social media. I figured there was no way I could be more feminine than if I took a selfie. I set all of my camera gear up and was able to take my picture. People get all dressed up and put on their best outfit and make their best face and try to take their best SELFIE. It's really a bit silly, just like my painting. But one of the things that really make me laugh about this trend is that it reminds me so much of Rembrandt. I built the collar to harken back to Rembrandt's early work. I wonder if he was alive today if he would be blowing up Instagram with a selfie a day.

Timothy W. Jahn
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City