Awakening by Ricardo E. Martinez - 21 x 16 inches Signed ani art academies academic mythology american
Ricardo E. Martinez
B. 1991


Charcoal and pastel on paper
21 x 16 inches

The inspiration for this drawing came from the legend of one of the first Buddhist nuns, Khema. Khema was a very beautiful woman who was the wife of a king and belonged to the royal family of Magadha. In her life she was said to be rather vain and only cared for extravagant and glamorous things. One day her husband convinced her to visit the monastery of Buddha to hear his sermons. Upon her arrival Buddha created an exceptionally beautiful woman in front of her. Khema became captivated, as this woman's beauty exceeded her own. Buddha then aged the gorgeous maiden until her skin became wrinkled, and her hair gray. Khema looked in astonishment as the woman collapsed to the ground in front of her, dead. Her corpse then decayed until all that remained was a pile of bones. Realizing that the same would happen to her, Khema listened to Buddha's sermons, dedicated her life to reaching enlightenment and joined the order of the nuns.

In this work I wanted to capture a sense of tranquility and awakening as Khema.

Ricardo E. Martinez
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City