Edge of Spring by Joel Carson Jones - 12 x 9 inches  ani art academies academic american folk law easter bunny
Joel Carson Jones
B. 1975

Edge of Spring

Oil on panel
12 x 9 inches

I prefer not to limit the view of a painting by describing symbolism, explaining concepts, or pointing people in specific directions. I’ve made a concession, however, for the continuity of this show. The Edge of Spring investigates the Easter season as a post-pagan, non-religious happening, devoid of transcendent sacred values. The work doesn’t contain any hint of the natural world, plastic wood and fake grass bed the chocolate rabbit, the symbol of consumption, gluttony, and materialism. The cute bunny wears metallic skin, repelling introspection. Unseen in the composition, nature continues to forge through its deaths into fresh growth, increasingly tarnished by an insular, synthetic environment. Candies fall like a child’s innocence and simplicity—but color remains to pervade the image, color remains spiritual, fluid, the core of the life process.

Joel Carson Jones
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City