Off the Grid by Romaro H. Richardson - 23 x 19 inches Signed ani art academies academic anguilla movies tron figurative
Romaro H. Richardson
B. 1993

Off the Grid

Charcoal and pastel on paper
23 x 19 inches

The GRID is a Startlingly vivid reflection of the real world; of things of the past and of things to come. Starting out in Edenic origins, both the GRID and the real world
as we know it have been on a downward spiral ever since the creation betrayed the Creator. What is left is an evolving worldview that leads to deception, death and destruction. From the first murder, the creation's depraved nature has advanced;creating a hunger that has yet to be quenched.

Men with a lust for power; seeking to rule all of creation, stifling overtones of fascist ideology similar to that of the second world war, a dehumanizing of races leading to
near genocide, exile or enslavement - As much as these things seem to be in our history, The Grid reminds us that some things are a progressively never ending cycle.

Men with tyrannical intentions still exist today, Fascism has evolved, genocide, exile and enslavement happens under our noses everyday and the definition of who weare is on the verge of extinction.

Many people since the dawn of time have been waiting for all things to become new some still do today, and with all these signs, it is only a matter of time before everything goes off the grid.

Romaro H. Richardson
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City