Absolution by Brandon D. Drake - 20 x 23 1/2 inches Signed contemporary american ani art academies figurative
Brandon D. Drake
B. 1989


Oil on panel
20 x 23 1/2 inches

Traveling to hell and back, that's not something one takes lightly. Especially John Constantine; a man who knows what's waiting for him. Damned to the Inferno, we quickly learn he isn't fond of the idea, but who would be. Having spent his whole adult life trying to buy his way into Heaven, he still hasn't grasped the fact that God's gift to man is just that: a gift. Fighting demons and protecting innocent people from evil they know not exists, John thinks he is doing the world some good and earning his place up above, but it is all in vain. Finally pushed to his breaking point by confrontations with the supernatural he realizes all he has ever done is look out for himself. In this moment of self revelation Constantine makes the ultimate sacrifice in return for the salvation of Isabelle, the late sister of the only real friend he has left. John travels to hell to personally offer himself to Satan so that Isabelle may go to Heaven. What neither John nor the devil realize is now that John truly believes in God and understands what selflessness is, the Father gives him another chance at life. Maybe this time he will truly do some good with his life.

Brandon D. Drake

Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City