The Eye of the Day by Elena Green - 16 x 22 inches Signed contemporary genre figurative ani art academies
Elena Green
B. 1978

The Eye of the Day

Charcoal and pastel on paper
16 x 22 inches

The female archetype, 'The Mata Hari' has been depicted throughout history as the beguiler of men and possessor of supernatural abilities to overpower and seduce. My drawing 'The Eye of the Day' portrays a contemporary version of this enigmatic femme fatale icon. This mysterious woman that traveled the world and lived a very unconventional life (even by contemporary society’s standards), intrigued me. She challenged almost every 19th century social norm and value and despite her status as the world's most highly paid courtesan and exotic dancer, this position of power placed her in a politically volatile situation. Much of what has been written about her has been heavily transposed as half-truths and fictions and has helped elevate her mythological appointment as part myth / villain / hero & legend. The Mata Hari embodied the abandonment of the conservative sexual and social standards of the time and replaced it with a more liberal and progressive one.

Elena Green
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City