The Saga of John Peel: And I've Followed Him
 by George Goodwin Kilburne - 15 3/4 x 24 inches Signed
George Goodwin Kilburne
(1839 - 1924)

The Saga of John Peel: And I've Followed Him

Oil on panel
15 3/4 x 24 inches

Devoted English huntsman John Peel was born at Park End, near Caldbeck, Cumberland, in 1776. Peel was an avid huntsman and became a recognized figure during his lifetime as a result of John Woodcock Graves' song D’ye ken John Peel; this popular old English song idealized the sport of hunting for many at that time. Peel died in 1854, possibly due to a fall in a hunting accident and was buried in the churchyard of St. Kentigern's Church, Caldbeck.

A. Baird-Carter, London
Frederick Ambrose Clark Collection
Rehs Galleries, Inc., New York City
Private Collection, New York

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