Boney Brawler by Timothy W. Jahn - 18 x 34 inches Signed ani art academy academic realist american boxer fight betting cigarettes
Timothy W. Jahn
B. 1977

Boney Brawler

Oil on panel
18 x 34 inches

The Boney Brawler is a snap shot out of a moment of a ‘fixed’ boxing match. The scrawny boxer was thrown, unprepared, into the ring against the much larger and more skilled fighter, the bruiser. The bruiser and his corner are gloating and he is so confident in his abilities that he is flirting with one of the cigarette girls. The referee is being paid off by the promoter and gangster. Varying degrees of shenanigans are happening in the audience; note the women fighting over a seat. It was an amazing experience working with all the actors involved and my wonderful costumer, Jen Hanselman.

The artist
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City