Emanation by Erin Anderson - 22 x 16 inches Signed ani art academy realist portrait american academy
Erin Anderson
B. 1987


Oil on copper
22 x 16 inches

With Emanation I sought to depict, not only physical characteristics, but also hint at the mood or energy that accompanies the figure. I believe most people are perceived at a logical, conscious level and a subconscious intuitive level. Often, our moods, energies and attitudes can affect others without our conscious knowledge of it. In this way, going out and meeting people or forming new relationships can be inherently risky since to some extent, we don't have complete control over the ways we are perceived. The resulting dissonance of being perceived negatively can deter one from wanting to put themselves out there again. Likewise, the rewards gained from forming strong relationships with those who regard you positively can reinforce the drive to interact with others. People fall along a wide spectrum to how they handle feedback from others, but for some, the risk of negative reinforcement can be daunting enough to prevent them from taking the gamble.

The artist
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City