An English Artist Collecting Costumes in Brittany by Edward Hughes - 34 x 48 inches Signed and dated 1862 british victorian genre figures figurative brittany france
Edward Hughes
(1832 - 1908)

An English Artist Collecting Costumes in Brittany

Signed and dated 1862
Oil on canvas
34 x 48 inches

The Art Journal: ... is a circumstance of as frequent occurance as the visits of painters to that part of France, for none can quit Brittany without bringing home a store of picturesque rags. But few, however, have a chance of collecting in such state as we see our friend here - in a crowded market place, giving new clothes for old ones.

Algernon Graves: ...The much coveted treasures were obtained more easily by exchange than purchase, for they readily accepted my new things, bought at a stall in the market place, for their old ones. You would have been amused at on 'bonne femme' whose hasty toilet was abruptly cut short by a 'gendarme,' and ordered to retire for its completion "par la" pointing to a court[y]ard by, etc.

Royal Academy, London, 1862, #561

The Art Journal, 1862
Graves, Algernon, The Royal Academy of Arts, Vol.2, pg. 184