Vanitas #19 (Bluenose) by Margie Kuhn - 16 x 23 inches Signed and titled photorealist still life Trompe-l'œil tromp l'oeil
Margie Kuhn
B. 1952

Vanitas #19 (Bluenose)

Signed and titled
Gouache on paper
16 x 23 inches

Margie had these comments about this work: According to the Nova Scotia travel guide the Bluenose was a fishing schooner, built in 1921, and was the undefeated champion of the North Atlantic fishing fleet and winner of four internation schooner races. Bluenose II -- a replica of the original schooner -- is in the harbor of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and is quite a tourist attraction when it's in port. The raxor clam is from a beach on Prince Edward Island. We drove to Nova Scotia again about a year ago and took our cat--3 1/2 days drive -- 12 hours each day. I hated the drive so much, I just thought I would never come back. But then we went to the Cape Breton National Park (the other photo in the Bluenose painting), it was gorgeous and we could only stay for a couple of hours. I guess we will have to return.

The artist
Rehs Galleries, Inc., New York City
Private collection