Plowing in Auvergne by Auguste Bonheur - 20 x 44 inches Signed and dated 1855 french academic realist realism figures plowing oxen
Auguste Bonheur
(1824 - 1884)

Plowing in Auvergne

Signed and dated 1855
Oil on canvas
20 x 44 inches

We would like to thank Francois Yzorche for the information concerning the correct location of this painting. The cattle shown are Salers which is a breed originating in Cantal in the Massif Central of France.

Rehs Galleries, Inc., New York City, 1996
Private collection, 1997

Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Artist as Narrator: Nineteenth Century Narrative Art in England and France, September 8 - November 27, 2005.