Le Pecheur au Riviere (Crécy-en-Brie) by Edouard Leon Cortes - 13 x 18 inches Signed Edouard cortes edouard cortez edouardo cortes edouardo cortez paris landscapes n
Edouard Leon Cortes
(1882 - 1969)

Le Pecheur au Riviere (Crécy-en-Brie)

Oil on canvas
13 x 18 inches

Painted c.1930

Today the village is known as Crécy-la-Chapelle and the street depicted is Quai des tanneries. The house with the high roof has an open front to allow cow and sheep pelts to dry.

Frost & Reed, London (#15767); titled:French Landscape
David Klein, c.1986 (U9007)
Simic Galleries, Inc., California (#11134)
Private collection, Georgia, 1987
Rehs Galleries, Inc., New York City, 2004
Private collection, Tennessee, 2004