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BIOGRAPHY - June Stratton (Born 1959)

Self-taught oil painter June Stratton (b.1959 Honolulu, Hawaii) is known for representational figurative paintings that incorporate the female figure with natural landscapes. Her work is collected internationally including recent solo shows with Robert Lange Studios SC and Distinction Gallery CA. Select Collections include Bennett Collection of Women Realists, Texaco Incorporated, US Department of State, Bank of America, The Mayo Clinic, and The St Regis Hotel. Recently published in PoetsArtists Figurative Realism, Issue #100. Also, American Art Collector, Cover, October Issue 2016 June Stratton’s studio looks over salt water marshes a few steps from her home in a lush sub-tropical coastal area near Savannah Georgia USA.


Exhibited Works
Measure - Stratton, June
June Stratton
(Born 1959)
Oil on canvas
48 x 36 inches