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BIOGRAPHY - Victoria Herrera (Born 1964)

Victoria Herrera is a representational painter living outside of New York City. She studied art at Moore College of Art and completed a 4-year core program at NYC Grand Central Atelier in 2012. She is recognized for her large scale botanical pieces and portrait paintings where she merges nature with the human figure. Her style is modern, but her processes is deeply rooted in classical artistic training in the tradition of the Old Masters. While she enjoys covering a variety of subjects, what remains consistent throughout her work is a deep love and respect for beauty and nature. Her work is highly symbolic and spiritual at a personal level. She has appeared in several art magazines and books and her work is collected internationally. 

Exhibited Works
Symbolism of a Seashell - Victoria Herrera
Victoria Herrera
(Born 1964)
Symbolism of a Seashell
Oil on canvas
36 x 29 inches