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BIOGRAPHY - Lois Edwards (Born 1943)

Lois Edwards

Lois Edwards has always had an interest in Art, which she had called a hobby since childhood.  The self-taught Artistic interest carried through 44 yrs of marriage, 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

After Retirement at the age of 64 Lois began studying under the direction of Joel Carson Jones.  Her interest, talent and passion for Art have soared to a level she never imagined under the expertise of Joel’s teaching, encouragement and direction.

Lois has become especially fond of working in charcoal with a special interest in Portraits and Still Life. 


“I thank God for this new found talent, love and interest in art that have been resurrected within me.”

Exhibited Works
Ultimate Love - Lois Edwards
Lois Edwards
(Born 1943)
Ultimate Love
Oil on panel
11 x 14 inches