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BIOGRAPHY - Kevin M. Wueste

Kevin M. Wueste

Kevin M. Wueste grew up in a creative household with a painting mother, so it may have been natural to find him almost daily, drawing at his desk in his room, creating imaginative comic-style works on discarded copier machine paper. 



The focus of his work centers around a classical application of realistic techniques and ideas to create works that are memorable, beautiful without artifice and may be interpreted individually based on the experience of each viewer. Kevin is fascinated by the beauty in the common-place; the miracle of nature and how complex and challenging it can be to convey simple things well.
  Kevin studies with Robert Liberace, Anthony Ryder, Travis Schlaht, Camie Davis, Ted Minoff and Henry Yan as well as many other excellent artist/teachers.


Kevin was awarded the top student award for fine art at the Academy of Art University in 2011 has been featured in several books and magazines – including the “Strokes of Genius” series and  “Portraits and Figures” in 2014-5.  He has shown at the Garden Gallery in Half Moon Bay, CA and the Gallery at the Cannery in San Francisco. His works are owned by collectors in the US and abroad. He is an instructor for figure drawing, painting and still life at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA.

Sold Works
The Dutch Boy - Kevin M. Wueste
Kevin M. Wueste
Oil on canvas
16 x 20 inches