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BIOGRAPHY - Joel Carson Jones (Born 1975)

Joel Carson Jones

Joel Carson Jones lives, teaches, and paints in Northeastern Pennsylvania, where he was born in 1975.  With the work-ethic of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, he embodies a humble appreciation of simplicity, nature, and the friendships his discipline has fostered. Joel has established an international reputation for his Still Life and Trompe L’oeil paintings. In 2008, Joel Carson Jones was granted the title of Living Master by the International Art Renewal Center. 

Jones completed his undergraduate work at Marywood University, in Scranton, Pennsylvania and also studied abroad in
Angers, France. Joel, however, needed to pursue his love of Realism, still-life, and Trompe l’oeil.  He began working with his contemporary Anthony Waichulis, as one of the first students of then The Waichulis Studio, now the Ani Waichulis Academy.  Their work has put them at the center of today’s spreading movement—Contemporary Renaissance in the Classical atelier. 

Joel has always been drawn to the work of the High Renaissance, its history, the atelier training, the almost impossible undertaking of infusing connotation beyond an object's actual form, conveying content that seduces audiences back to paintings beyond technical skill.  

Joel’s reputation, expertise, and work are sought world-wide. His works continue to appear many outstanding publications such as The Artist's Magazine, International Artist Magazine and American Art Collector. In 2008, Joel Carson Jones was granted the title of Living Master by the International Art Renewal Center. 

His education continues, however, each day at work alone, but more so with his own students now. In the Atelier setting, he is constantly brought back to the basics, the rudiments of all great art––drafting, value, contrast, and discipline––alongside his students. 

“I’m overwhelmed to realize that in 2011 we are part of a new Renaissance, building upon the Atelier system of the ancient, Renaissance, and contemporary masters,” “I believe it is vital not only to master the skills of those who have come before
me, but to add to that legacy of Realism, to raise the bar for generations to come. I want to be a cog in the timeless mechanism of artists searching for themselves and for clear messages in honest, realistic depictions of our lives. It is a great feeling to pass this information onto my students, continuing the rich tradition of representational drawing and painting.”

- Joel Carson Jones           



Exhibited Works
Edge of Spring - Joel Carson Jones
Joel Carson Jones
(Born 1975)
Edge of Spring
Oil on panel
12 x 9 inches