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BIOGRAPHY - Emanuele Dascanio (Born 1983)

Emanuele Dascanio was born in Garbagnate Milanese in 1983.  After graduating from Lucio Fontana  Art School of Arese, in 2003 he enrolled at the Academy of Brera, but the feeling of living in a decadent for the same art, he abandoned the academy after six months.

Continuing to feel a desire and the need for artistic growth, in 2007 studied and worked in the atelier of Gianluca Corona, a student of Master Mario Donizetti,  finding in him a good teacher and learning the technique of oil painting as it has been handed down from the Renaissance.

He has participated in various competitions and exhibitions at national and international ranking near the top.
Devotes much time to the study of artistic techniques and the search for continuous improvement of its expressive capabilities. His works are in private collections in Italy and abroad.


Sold Works
Night Doesn\'t Exist - Emanuele Dascanio
Emanuele Dascanio
(Born 1983)
Charcoal and pastel on paper
22 5/8 x 15 3/4 inches
Waiting For Those Days - Emanuele Dascanio
Emanuele Dascanio
(Born 1983)
Pastel on paper
15 3/4 x 22 inches