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BIOGRAPHY - Devin Cecil-Wishing (Born 1981)

Devin Cecil-Wishing

San Francisco native, Devin Cecil-Wishing (b. 1981), launched his art career at age 13 after discovering the work of underground cartoonist R. Crumb.  He attended San Francisco School of the Arts High School where, at age 14, he was offered his first commission.  The classroom teacher noticed Devin’s class “notes” were a rich assortment of well-developed doodles and cartoons.  In an unusual offer, the classroom teacher offered Devin a “B,” if he could produce a poster for his band.  A successful poster was created for the teacher and Devin’s early art career was launched.

Devin went on to attend the California College of Arts and Crafts where he graduated in 2005 with High Honors from the illustration department.  It was during this time that Devin began to more seriously explore other forms and styles of art.  His education helped him develop interests in 60’s poster art, surrealism - particularly the works of Dali, wildlifeart and many other art styles. Following graduation, Devin traveled to Amsterdam to view works on display for the celebration of Rembrandt’s 400th birthday.  It was during a trip to The Hague and a viewing of Rembrandt’s “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp,” that Devin realized how much he loved traditional painting and desired to study it further.  Returning to San Francisco, Devin began studying at the Atelier School of Classical Realism in Oakland CA.  At the same time, he began working as an instructor, teaching traditional drawing to low-income high school students in an after school program.  He discovered that not only did he love creating art; he also had a true love for teaching art.  He quickly began to teach at several other Bay Area locations. 



Wanting to push his skills further, Devin applied and was accepted tostudy

  under the direction of Jacob Collins at the Water Street Atelier at the Grand Central Academy of Art in New York City. Devin moved to New York and began his studies in the summer of 2009.  In his fourth year as a student he was invited to begin teaching classes there as well.

Devin’s work has been featured in numerous publications including American Artist Magazine, The Epoch Times, Bay Nature Magazine, The New Criterion and the San Francisco Chronicle. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the country.  He has received numerous awards including acceptance to the Hudson River Fellowship and first place in the “Alfred Ross Prize for Excellence in Cast Drawing,” and has been awarded in the prestigious Art Renewal Center’s annual scholarship competition.  His work has also been featured in the Art Renewal Center’s Annual Salon multiple times.

In the summer of 2014 Devin was invited to South Africa where he went to teach a two week drawing intensive.  It was such a success that plans are underway for him to return again this following year.

Devin currently lives in New York City where he works and teaches at the Grand Central Atelier. 



Exhibited Works
Vanitas - Devin Cecil-Wishing
Devin Cecil-Wishing
(Born 1981)
Oil on panel
7 x 14 inches
Beginnings and Ends - Devin Cecil-Wishing
Devin Cecil-Wishing
(Born 1981)
Beginnings and Ends
Oil on canvas on board
10 x 16 inches