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BIOGRAPHY - Carol Broman (Born 1977)

Carol Broman

Artist Statement:


I have been practicing and teaching traditional drawing and painting techniques for more than a decade. I have always been drawn to representational work, as a means of intimately connecting with a subject in the clearest and most widely understood language possible. The human form is of special interest to me, as both a psychological and metaphysical creative focus. As an artist, I task myself with trying to absorb great detail, while at the same time, selectively editing this information for just the right resonance. Too much uncategorized or misunderstood information is just noise, but when our senses are taught to identify certain harmonies, this noise unifies into a pleasant melody and the incongruous parts fade into the background. My intent as an artist is to try to experience this melody and remind myself of its ever-present existence in all things, awaiting discovery through meditative study, so that I might approach life with more attention and sensitivity. 


Exhibited Works
Abeyance - Carol Broman
Carol Broman
(Born 1977)
Oil on canvas
28 x 34 inches