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BIOGRAPHY - Camie Salaz (Born 1977)

Camie Salaz

Camie Isabella Salaz, born 1977, pursues the art of figure painting in the classical tradition, where meaning, story telling and symbolism are readily found. She began her technical training at the age of 16 and completed it in New York City under Classical Painter Jacob Collins ten years later.


Salaz began her career in NYC at 27, when her interests led to the study of narrative and symbolism in painting. Salaz has always admired the great works of art that inspire her to question her life, her time, her loves. In her works of art, she aspires to remember the humanity of the great Naturalists painters, the passion and devotion of the Romantics and the meaning and symbolism gifted to us by the Renaissance.


Exhibited Works
The Rhodora - Camie Salaz
Camie Salaz
(Born 1977)
The Rhodora
Oil on canvas
36 x 46 inches