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Bure Alik

    From a young age, I was enchanted by the world of art, a passion I attribute to my father, a talented product designer known for his remarkable sketching skills.  Watching him effortlessly bring his visions to life on paper ignited my own artistic journey.  This fascination led me to explore a wide range of mediums throughout my childhood and teenage years, including sketching, painting, and even creating replica pieces of my favorite video game characters.  My adventurous spirit didn't stop there; I ventured into making my own tattoo guns and testing them on myself, a testament to my relentless pursuit of artistic expression.

    My path took an unexpected turn after spending two years playing college football.  Leaving school, I found myself at a crossroads, unsure of my next steps until I discovered the captivating world of glass in 2016.  The rich heritage of Borosilicate glass, with its roots in Venetian Glass, Scientific Glass, and the burgeoning field of Pipemaking, presented a new canvas for my creativity.  While the traditional vessel works and sculptures of Murano were inspiring, it was the innovative and boundary-pushing community of pipemakers that truly resonated with me.  Despite the stigma associated with "Degenerate Art" due to its ties to the cannabis industry, my interest was piqued.  Especially as my friends began collecting handmade pipes that showcased stunning colorwork and functionality.

    For two years, I immersed myself in designing pipes, sketching countless ideas without ever bringing them to life, partly due to the "taboo" associated with cannabis stemming from my background in collegiate athletics.  However, a transformative experience shifted my perspective, compelling me to challenge societal norms and pursue my passion without constraints.  This epiphany led me to purchase my first torch and embark on a journey of creating functional artwork.

    Over the next five years, my exploration in glass art evolved into a focus on non-functional sculpture work, which I term "Effusions".  This concept, defined as an unrestrained expression of words or feelings, deeply resonated with me.  My approach to Effusion sculptures is entirely freestyle, allowing the shapes and colors to spontaneously reflect my emotions of the moment.  The aggressive angles and vibrant styles of these sculptures become an extension of my inner state, varying from sharp and intense during moments of stress to smooth and harmonious when I feel joyous.

    Currently I'm based in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  I work at Stoked CT, New England’s Premier borosilicate glass gallery and studio.  Known for being awarded as borosilicate glass gallery of the year, they have provided a platform to showcase my work in its accompanying glass gallery.  My creations have been featured in a variety of themed and collaborative exhibitions, not only in Connecticut but also in esteemed venues across New York, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, and Miami. Each piece I craft is a testament to my belief that art is not just a form of expression but a way of life, continually challenging the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums.