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Deflategate 2.2

March 18, 2022

Tom Brady has found a new way to deflate a football – this time, the controversy doesn’t have Brady allegedly ordering the physical deflation of footballs used in games, like in 2014 against the Indianapolis Colts. In this case, Brady has “deflated” the value of a football.

 NFL football thrown by Tom Brady in playoff game in january 2022

NFL Football

Lelands Auctions recently offered the ‘last’ football Tom Brady threw in an NFL playoff game before announcing his retirement at the end of this past season. With just 3 minutes 20 seconds to go in the game against the LA Rams, Mike Evans caught Brady’s 55-yard pass and scored a touchdown closing the gap in the score to 27 -20. As Evan’s has done in the past, he threw the ball into the stands, and the lucky fan who caught it decided to consign it for auction. In the end, the Rams prevailed, and Brady announced his retirement a week later.

The winning bidder, seduced by the fact that this was the last football Brady threw for a touchdown, was willing to pay A LOT! Online bidding started at $100K, and after 28 bids, the football flew to a final price of $518K. Here’s the problem – just hours after the bidding closed, Brady decided to return for another season!

One would have to imagine the value of this football just dropped considerably, as with Brady’s return this will no longer be the last football he throws for a touchdown. There have been no reports of a formal comment from the buyer or auction house, but who knows if the buyer will actually pay for their purchase. The buyer has 30 days to pay, and rumor has it that the auction house may not force the sale since, technically, the cataloging of the football is no longer accurate. Another football Brady has allegedly deflated.