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A Long Overdue App For The Artworld

June 15, 2021

In May, Interpol launched a free app called ID-Art to help law enforcement and the general public identify stolen art. The database has over 52,000 items listed, and you can search with an image or specific criteria (artist’s name, etc.). While this is a good step forward, there are still many stolen or missing works not in this database. When will law enforcement from other countries get on the bandwagon? It is time that all stolen art is in one central database for all to access — FREE! Today, there are many different stolen art databases, most of which are only accessible if you pay for the service.

If we want to help stop the theft of art, or better yet, the selling of stolen art, we all need access to this data, a need that is often time-sensitive. Wouldn’t it be great to confirm that a work is not listed as stolen before you purchase it? This information will save people a lot of time and money.

Please use the link below to read more about and download the app.

Source: ID-Art Mobile App