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A Happy Ending For A Couple Of Paintings

June 9, 2021
landscape with ruins, cows and people

Thomas Cole

One of the big stories behind last month’s auction was all the works being deaccessioned from museums.  Yesterday afternoon we received an email from Chairman and Trustee of The Thomas H. and Diane DeMell Jacobsen Ph.D. Foundation (who read one of our blog posts) informing us that they acquired Thomas Cole’s The Arch of Nero and Mary Cassatt’s Baby Charles Looking over His Mother’s Shoulder (No. 3).  According to Dr. DeMell, “our Foundation is an art lending collection featuring nearly 400 masterpieces of American art, and we have helped more than 30 accredited museums enhance their galleries with long-term loans.”

Later that afternoon, ArtNews reported that the Thomas Cole painting will now be on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  In another article, we learned that the Cassatt will be loaned to The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC. This is excellent news all around!

Source: Thomas Cole Painting Controversially Sold by Newark Museum Heads to Philadelphia