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The ‘Potato Head’ Of Palencia

November 16, 2020
Before and After via Antonio Guzman Capel's Facebook post

Before and After via Antonio Guzman Capel’s Facebook post

Usually, when you hire someone to do a job, the first thing you should consider is how well they can do said job… I say “usually” because that was clearly not the case in this instance. A statue, which sits atop the façade of a bank in the city of Palencia, is the most recent occurrence of a string of unfortunate restoration work in Spain… it is not that the work in question is some ultra-important work of art, but it begs the question… who hired the “restorer”… and better yet, what kind of “restorer” has the confidence to get up there and do work like this that will remain on display in public indefinitely. I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry, but I guess it is doing what all good art should do… elicit an emotional response and get people talking. Behold the great Mrs. Potato Head of Palencia!

Source: Another Botched Art Restoration In Spain, The ‘Potato Head’ Of Palencia : NPR