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Anonymity May Not Be A Good Thing

September 18, 2020
man with mask and flowers

Flower Thrower

Banksy’s trademark might be at risk after he lost a case against Full Colour Black (a Gaffiti and Street Art greeting card company that reproduces his work).  According to a couple of recent articles (listed below), “[i]n 2014, Banksy’s representatives, Pest Control Office, successfully applied for an EU trademark of the Flower Thrower…”  Now, after a dispute that lasted two years, the trademark was overturned. “Judges at the European Union Intellectual Property Office have now ruled in favour of Full Colour Black. They argued that Banksy’s decision to graffiti public property and his previous expressions of disinterest in maintaining the copyright to his own work were both factors in the ruling.”

When more information becomes available, we will update you.

Source (2019 article): Banksy’s trademark battle exposes a huge hypocrisy in his anti-copyright views

Source: Banksy trademark ‘at risk’ after street artist loses legal battle

Source: Banksy loses art trademark battle with greeting card company in ‘devastating’ ruling