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Of Little Value – Easy To Return

August 21, 2020
Nicolas Rousseau - detail


It was recently reported that Peter Forner, the son of a German soldier who, during WWII, was ordered to take a painting by Nicolas Rousseau, has returned it to France.  The painting is now on display at the World Centre for Peace, Liberty and Human Rights, Verdun, in the hopes of finding its true owner.

Typically, we read reports of legal battles that go on for years, over valuable works of art that were stolen by the Nazis. Since this painting has a value of about $5,000, I guess it was an easy one for Mr. Forner (who passed away in May) to return.

Please check the links below for full images of the work. Should it look familiar, please contact the center.

Source: Nazi-Looted French Painting on Display in Search for Rightful Owner

Source: Hunt is on for rightful owner of Nazi-looted French painting

Source: Nazi-looted French painting on display in search for rightful owner