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Bouvier / Rybolovlev – A Never Ending Saga

August 5, 2020

Leonardo_da_Vinci_or_Boltraffio_(attrib)_Salvator_Mundi_circa_1500According to an article written by Anna Brady and Vincent Noce, for The Art Newspaper, it appears that the Swiss government’s investigation into Yves Bouvier for unpaid taxes, which began in 2017, is still ongoing.  The government is alleging that Bouvier owes taxes on over £276m in profits he made from sales to Dimitry Rybolovlev.

One of the bones of contention is whether Bouvier made the sales in Switzerland or Singapore … even though said sales seem to have been made through two offshore companies he owns.

I must say, if I made over $350M in profits from the sale of a few expensive works of art, I would have paid my taxes and then moved to some tropical island!

We will continue to bring you updates on this never ending saga as they surface.

Source: Switzerland’s Federal Criminal Court ordered documents unsealed that call into question whether the dealer declared all profits from sales made to Dimitry Rybolovlev