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Pompidou Centre Theft And Destruction

September 25, 2019

The Pompidou Centre in France has been the epicenter of theft and destruction this month. A Banksy mural, which appeared on a sign for the museum’s parking lot in 2018, was retrofitted with Plexiglas to prevent it from being stolen.  In early September, it appears that thieves sawed the work free.

On September 12, a work by Daniel Buren sustained damages after a museum-goer slashed the canvas with a knife. Peinture (Manifestation 3) was removed from the museum and is currently undergoing restoration. Security footage helped police locate the suspect, who had no motive for his crime, and he is now being held in a psychiatric unit.

Sources (images of each work can be found in the links below):

Artwork by Daniel Buren Badly Damaged

Banksy Stencil Stolen