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A Banjo vs. The Charging Bull

September 26, 2019

Wall Street’s iconic Charging Bull took a hit earlier this month… literally. According to reports, Tevon Varlack, 42, of Dallas, Texas, attacked the bronze sculpture resulting in some serious damages. The creator of the sculpture, Arturo Di Modica, assessed the damages to be upwards of $15,000; his gallery is claiming it could cost up to $150,000 to repair. It was noted that onlookers were not sure whether to intervene in the attack or if it was some sort of performance art (we never know these days). With a metal-spiked-banjo in hand, Varlack repetitively hammered at the bull while cursing President Trump, resulting in a 6-inch wound and numerous scratches. Police arrested Varlack, charging him with criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and criminal possession of a weapon. Judge Drysdale released him the next day without bail and he is due back in court on October 16th with a strict warning to keep his distance from any city landmarks.


Source: A Truck Driver Attacked Wall Street’s Iconic Charging Bull Statue With a Spiked Banjo, Leaving It With a Huge Gash