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Letting Your Kids Run Free Near Some Art, Might Just Cost You A Lot!

June 18, 2018

Bill Lyons

In case you missed this one, a 5-year-old boy damaged a glass sculpture that was on display at an Overland Park community center.  A surveillance video shows the young ‘art lover’ hugging the work of art before it fell to the floor.

The artist, Bill Lyons, claims the glass sculpture (Aphrodite di Kansas City) is damaged beyond repair and “… wants to be reimbursed for the amount of time [he] spent on it and for what [he] thinks it is worth.” (In this case, $132,000!)  Sorry, but that does make me laugh every time I read it … for what he thinks it is worth?  Here is the real question – what is it actually worth?  And here are a few more questions that should be answered – what do his works normally sell for? If it is so valuable, why didn’t the artist make sure it was insured?  Why didn’t he make sure it was properly protected?  How much of his art has been sold in the six-figure range?

Look, the artist should not be compensated in some way but to the tune of $132,000? Come on!  You know, someone should try and figure out the value of all the publicity he just received.

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