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Anish Kapoor Sues The NRA. By The Way, Who Are “They”?

June 21, 2018

Kapoor “Cloud Gate”

Anish Kapoor is suing the National Rifle Association (NRA) for copyright infringement after the promotional video, The Violence of Lies, was released with images of his Chicago sculpture, Cloud Gate (2004). According to the suit, filed in Illinois, Kapoor demanded that the NRA remove images of his sculpture from their video, which they have refused to do.  So now, he is seeking $150,000 in damages per instance of infringement (the law does allow for that level of damages, though to the best of our knowledge, nobody has received that amount … but, there is always a first time).

Kapoor stated that these sadly are times in which it is urgent for us all, in whatever way we can, to stand up to the dark and aggressive forces in society that seek, out of fear and hatred, to lead us backward into a primitive, paranoid, and defensive worldview.  Earlier this year Kapoor, in an open letter against the video, commented that the NRA’s ‘advertisement’… seeks to whip up fear and hate.”

Could you imagine if they found in favor of the artist and awarded him $150,000 for every view of the video?  Over 4 million people have already viewed it on YouTube!

Source: Anish Kapoor sues NRA for copyright infringement