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The Berkshire Saga Continues – April 6th Deadline Is Looming

March 20, 2018

Justice David Lowy

The end is almost here … or is it?  Both sides in the Berkshire Museum case were heard today by Justice David Lowy.  The museum and AGO are claiming that without an infusion of $55M, the museum will not survive … hard for me to believe, but what do I know???  The opposing sides (there are two groups) feel differently.  Attorney Nicholas O’Donnell, representing three residents of Lenox, told Lowy that the works should remain in the Berkshires and said Tuesday’s hearing was the “only obstacle left” in their departure from the region. Then Michael B. Keating, a Boston lawyer representing another group of Berkshire County residents, questioned how well the museum has been managed in past years, and challenged details of its “New Vision.” 

Now it is only a matter of time … should be any day now since the museum has an April 6th deadline for the works to be offered in the May sales at Sotheby’s.

Source: At Berkshire Museum art sale hearing, both sides find reason for hope